XSSR Academy - Soundly review

XSSR Academy - Soundly review

Russian audio review blog XSSR Academy recently featured Soundly in one of their videos. The narration is in Russian, but judging from the automatic translation on YouTube they really like it and use it regularly!

Access Soundly 2 for free during Global Game Jam 2018

Access Soundly 2 for free during Global Game Jam 2018

The annual Global Game Jam is taking place this weekend, bringing people together for 48 hours of game development fun. We want to show our support and love for indie games by making Soundly 2 completely free for all attendees during the event!

To redeem the offer, register with the promo code: pGGJ2018

Existing Soundly users can activate the offer by going to user > profile and enter the code in the promo box.

Have fun at GGJ, and we hope you find some cool game sounds in the ever-increasing Soundly library!

Download Soundly 2.0 at getsoundly.com


Soundly Streamlines SFX Workflows at Storyline Studios

Soundly Streamlines SFX Workflows at Storyline Studios

Storyline Studios is a full post production film facility as well as Norway’s largest supplier of film technical infrastructure and equipment. Handling everything from cameras and lights to VFX and sound, Storyline is the result of a merger between The Chimney Pot Oslo and Norsk Filmstudio (previously known as Norsk Film, established 1932).

For Gisle Tveito, a 26-year veteran, supervising sound editor, dubbing mixer, and one of the owners of Storyline, getting the sound design process to run closer to parallel with the video editing process has always been a goal. While many sound departments wait for “picture-lock” before starting to work on the sound, the...


LA Film School Relies on Soundly for Editing and Cloud-based SFX Library

LA Film School Relies on Soundly for Editing and Cloud-based SFX Library

Founded in 1999, The Los Angeles Film School and its division, The Los Angeles Recording School, offer associate and bachelor’s degrees in majors pertaining to the media and entertainment industry. Audio, both for music and production/post production has deep roots at the schools, having been a core part of the curriculum from the beginning. Today, the schools’ facilities train students in the latest tools and techniques used by the pros with a focus on hands-on learning.

The LA Film School’s Los Angeles campus operates five different programs: Film, Computer Animation/VFX,...


An introduction to Soundly

An introduction to Soundly

Our friends at ASoundEffect.com has just released the first article in a series on Soundly. Written by field recordist & SFX guru Paul Virostek, the premiere piece covers topics such as:

Thanks so much for the great article, Paul, and we’re excited to follow the series!

Read the full piece on “A sound effect”.

A sound effect podcast 6 - Soundly strikes again!

A sound effect podcast 6 - Soundly strikes again!

Peder and Christian​ from Soundly explain the thoughts and ideas that resulted in Soundly 2 on the latest edition of “A Sound Effect Podcast” by Asbjorn Andersen. The interview starts at 04:43 and covers topics such as the new user interface, shared network databases, better Pro Tools support and much more!

Listen online on ASoundEffect.com

Soundly 2 - The complete sound effects platform

Soundly 2 - The complete sound effects platform

We’re proud to finally show you what we have been working on for so long! With tens of thousands of ready-to-use, high-quality sound effects, the Soundly 2 application and library is the easiest, fastest and most complete SFX solution available.

Easily drag and drop files from Soundly directly into Pro Tools, Logic, Premiere, etc. Index and search your local library - all blazingly fast!

With its beautiful, clear interface, Soundly makes it fun and inspiring to browse and discover sound effects. Use the time you save to concentrate on your mix!

Watch our new promo video and discover the all new Soudly 2!

Behind the scenes - Soundly 2 promo video

Behind the scenes - Soundly 2 promo video

This week the core Soundly crew together with a video production team recorded what is to become the fist promotional video for Soundly 2! Filming at the beautiful Bygdøy peninsula outside of Oslo, we visited a wide range of locations - we even went sailing! We had a blast, and we’re now doing post production. We’re looking forward to showing it to you very soon!

Here are some behind the scenes footage, and some still frames from our promo!

New Sounds

Hi All, We have been very busy lately and we have added a bunch of new sounds. These includes a vast Whoosh Library, a Keyboard and Mouse Library, Aircrafts, Thunder Claps, Gore, A bunch of squeaking wheels, a lot of backgrounds and other stuff. We are so grateful you´re a Soundly user. Thanks and Enjoy.

Soundly 2 is officially released!

See what's new in the video we made for the release! :)

Today we are super proud to present the official release of Soundly 2!
We have fixed lots of bugs and added a few features since the beta, so if you're running the beta we encourage you to update to the official release. Get the latest version at GetSoundly.com

Thank you so much for all your feedback and support!

Soundly 2 Beta

We've been hard at work for the last 6 months implementing new Soundly features suggested by our users.
Today, we are proud to present the beta of Soundly version 2!

You are currently running Soundly version
We have a lot of cool new stuff to show you! :)
Please feel free to download the new version Here

Improvements and new features:

✓ New design.
- We have polished the Soundly interface making it intuitive and beautiful. Menus that were hidden are now easier to find.
✓ Stability and speed improvements.
✓ Shared networked database.
- Create a shared database that your team can access and edit at the same time.
✓ Search history
- Soundly now remembers your latest searches, letting you easily go back and forth.
✓ Better search algorithm and result sorting.
✓ You can now use a description as a file name! Toggle it on or off in the settings pane.
✓ Export meta-data from Soundly to a text file. Great for sound library creators.
✓ Spot to pro tools with handles
✓ Spotting now brings pro tools to the foreground.
✓ Spot multiple files in batch, even from the cloud.
✓ Fixing an issue where the audio player could stop when making a selection while playing.
✓ Meta-data is now kept in the file you drag out or spot.
✓ .Ogg support
✓ Soundly now indicates that it is indexing, automatically detecting the creation of new files or folders.
✓ Option to let the Soundly window be "always on top".
✓ Skip backward and forward in the audio player while browsing files with the keyboard.
✓ Command/Ctrl key didn't work as expected when selecting multiple files. Fixed.
✓ Auto load library or category when navigating the library view with arrow keys
✓ The speed control now lets you speed things up even more. Right click, and select 2x 4x 8x.
✓ Fixed an issue where playback on low speeds could distort.
✓ The store design and functionality have been upgraded. Much more content is now available.
✓ Full library downloads
- You can now download a local copy of libraries you purchase in the store, or libraries you've uploaded.
✓ "Compact-mode" is now called "dock-mode". We also fixed a bug that could happen when going go back to full view.
✓ Even more shortcuts.
✓ Option to turn off auto-resize columns in the search view.

Thank you so much for all the support!


Hi all, Over the summer, we have added 2700 sounds to the Soundly Library. There are new sounds in a widely range of categorises. A set of really cool stingers custom made for Trailers and Commercials, a lot of cars, WW2 vehicles, a massive Horror Gore compilation, new sport categorises, more ambiences, more foley, more Sound Design and a lot more. Please check out. We hope you will enjoy it, and thanks for being a very valued Soundly Customer! We love you!


Uploaded 600 new high quality sounds this week. A lot of sounds that will please our game sound users. A custom made 8 bit sound library, a lot of foley and props, some nice umbrellas, airfield ambience and some aircrafts taking off and landing, bicycle pass, cameras and a lot of other stuff! The Soundly Library has nearly doubled its size in a year, and counting over 7500 sounds at the moment. We have a lot more coming. Enjoy.


Last week we uploaded over 300 new sounds in many categorizes. A very cool set of bob sleigh sounds, a lot of foley (bicycle, rope whooshes and more), a set of a rotten, old and cool sounding Renault, different water, rain, some nice jungle ambiences from Thailand and a lot more. Working on Booms and a lot of other designed sound effects. Stay tune. Much more will follow shortly!

New Version! Soundly 1.3 Is Out!

You are currently running Soundly version
Lots of cool new stuff :) download if you want it at GetSoundly.com

Whats fixed/new:

✓ Greatly improve performance on large (1TB+) local libraries.
✓ Search wild cars. Remove words from search with minus (-)
- "Car -door" will find all files with the word "car" that does not have the word "door".
✓ Share playlists. You can now share playlists in the cloud with other users.
✓ Change the order of your cloud and local libraries by dragging and dropping in the library view.
✓ Soundly now remember your layout, ordering of columns, width of library view etc.
✓ improved sorting on searches in local libraries.
✓ Code signing. The code is now signed which means no more warnings when downloading it off the internet.
✓ Fixed a bug with some 32 bit wave files distorting.
✓ New upload function. This is a big one for multi-users who upload their libraries. The old version could be a bit unstable especially on windows, but it is now stable and it is what's been taking up most of our time since the last release.
✓ Easier sharing of libraries added contacts and direct access to all the users in your multi-user account.
✓ Logarithmic volume fader (Thanks to Jons for pointing this out)
✓ Remove files from your local library! Finally we got this in :) Sorry it took so long.
✓ Right-click a library to search only in that library.

Thank you very much for all your feedback!
It's so much fun making Soundly the best sound effects tool ever with such great users!

There are a few things on our to-do list that you have requested that we didn't have the time to get into this release. We are sorry about this, but expect a big release within a few months! :)

New Version! Soundly 1.25 Is Out!

You are currently running Soundly version
Lots of cool new stuff :) download if you want it at GetSoundly.com

Whats fixed/new:

✓ ReWire for Mac and Windows

- Soundly can now route sound through your DAW if your DAW "steals" the sound card. Gets installed on Windows with the installer, on Mac install it from settings.

✓ Spot to Pro Tools!

- We finally have spot to Pro Tools working, hurray! With spot to Pro Tools you can send files from Soundly straight into Pro Tools. Right click the Pro Tools button in Soundly to select between "Spot to cursor" and "Spot to bin".

✓ Lot of bugfixes especially for Windows.
- We have been doing our development on Windows lately, and have fixed many small bugs that was making Soundly unstable.
✓ Uninstaller for Windows
✓ Autoload when you go trough the file list with arrow keys. A great little workflow improvement. Thanks for the feedback on this.
✓ Sum to stereo from surround files
✓ Shortcuts for stored library selections.
- By clicking on the arrow down in the libraries view you can store your selection.
- Now you can also jump between your stored selections with shortcuts

We will be working hard over summer on cool features and mores sounds! So stay tuned. And thanks for all your feedback guys! :) It really truly makes us incredibly happy and keeps us going :)

ReWire in beta

Finaly we have a ReWire plugin ready for Mac! This is something that a lot of Pro Tools users running Avid hardware need, to get sound from Soundly through their Avid/Digidesign sound card.

Download Soundly with ReWire here and in settings you will see a ReWire area where you can install, and do troubleshooting.

This is in Beta and have a few known issues, but if this is something you need ASAP you can start using it now.

Please let us know how this is working for you in the comments, or contact us on facebook or email mail@getsoundly.com.

A Windows version is on the way.
Thanks for all the support guys! Means the world to us :)

New Version! Soundly 1.2 Is Out!

You are currently running Soundly version
Lots of cool new stuff :) download if you want it at GetSoundly.com

Whats fixed/new:

✓ Playlists! Organize files in playlists and 'star' files that you use often.
✓ Autocomplete. Soundly will now give you suggestions when you start typing. This is a realy great feature that has improved my workflow a lot!
✓ You can now see the number of results you get when you search or browse.
✓ Search directly in a library from the search bar by typing 'library name:' ex. 'Bonson wings: flap' This also gets autocompleted, so easy to use :)
✓ Soundly now writes metadata as both Bext and iXML in wave files.
✓ Update filename and metadata on multiple files in one go, just select a bunch of files, right click and select "Muti edit metadata"
✓ Added Shortcuts for editing file name and metadata.
- We think all this metadata stuff makes Soundly a great free metadata editor for people making their own sound libraries. If you do this kind of stuff you should update to the latest version as we have fixed a few bugs regarding this. Keep in mind that this stuff is still a bit beta so you should keep a backup of your files in case something goes wrong.
✓ Numeric enter now works as normal enter.
✓ Orders folders and subfolders alpahbeticly in the library view.
✓ Fixed bug with "Show in finder" not working on some versions of mac OsX

We will be working hard over easter on getting Soundly ReWire compatible. This is something our pro-tools users running avid hardware needs, so will be great for us to be able to provide it. We almost have it working and where going to release it with this version, but decided to hold it off until we have it working 100% If anyone here needs it like right now, please email us and we'll send you a pre-release.

And thanks for all your feedback guys! :) It realy means the world to us and keeps us going!

Oh, btw. We went out with our camera a few weeks ago and recorded two great film editors that are using Soundly. You can see the result here. :)

New Sounds Added

Added 150 fresh new recorded sounds. Ambiences, foley, cars, bicycle and a lot of other stuff.

Soundly Version 1.1 Is Out!

You are currently running Soundly version
Lots of cool new stuff :) download if you want it at GetSoundly.com

Whats fixed/new:

✓ Offline mode. Pro subscribers can now use Soundly for local files when offline.
- The offline license is automaticly downloaded when you login with the new version.
- You can also export your offline license from Soundly and import it in studios without an internet connection.
✓ Proxy support. Soundly can now run through proxies!
✓ FLAC support, and FLAC meta data support.
✓ Support for ID3 meta data in aiff files.
✓ Support for SNDM meta data.
✓ Set output samplerate and bitrate on files that are dragged out.
-Only works when draging out from the audio editor, not from the file list for now.
✓ Navigate the sound list with keyboad while clicking in the audio editor.
✓ Use arrow keys on keyboard to navigate the audio editor.
✓ Shortcuts for summing to mono, normalize and reverse.
✓ Double click tags in the file list to edit tags on local files.
✓ Redirecting to news only if there is any new news since last time you logged in.
✓ Refresh a local library from the right click library menu if you don't want to wait for the auto refresh.

And again, Thanks for all your feedback! :)

New SFX in Core Library

Hi all, 350 new sounds uploaded today in the Pro Library. 500 was uploaded a couple of weeks ago, and many more is coming over Christmas. Recorded in 96/24 with Sanken CO100´s and Sound Devices. There are a lot of everyday household sounds, staircase, interior ambiences, interior and exterior doors, foley props, kitchen stuff (doing dishes, drawers etc) water movement and a full session at a Junk Yard with a lot of machinery, bending and crushing metal and other nice stuff.


Thanks again for all the feedback we are receiving!

We have been adding new sounds to the cloud library, and new libraries to the store over the past month.
We are currently working on an update with new features that you guys have been requesting, and a few bug fixes. We are testing the update now and it will be out very soon!
And for the Reaper users on windows, the latest release of Reaper now supports Soundly :)

Soundly Version 1.05 Is Out

We have just released an update.

Whats fixed/new:
✓ Added tags/meta data row.
✓ Bugs with some international filenames not being indexed is now fixed.
✓ Edit BWAV meta data from within Soundly.
✓ More thorough searching for compatible local files when you drag them in.
✓ Better preformence on big local libraries.
✓ Eula under user menu.
✓ Check for update in settings now working.
✓ Loop button changes image if you change mode while playing.
✓ Improved support for meta data files in the CSV format.

You are currently running Soundly version
If you need any of the above fixes, get the latest version at GetSoundly.com
If you are happy with the way Soundly works, no need to get it.

If you want want the tags stored in Brodcast wave files to be displayed you will need to reindex your local library Go to setings and click "Reset local database" Then drag in your libraries again. If this is more hassle than you want, let us know and we'll make an "update library" feature in the next release.

Again, Soundly will work with Reaper on Windows in next Reaper update. (Works on mac) This should be right around the corner.

Thanks for all your feedback! :)

Soundly Version 1.04 Is Out

Thanks for all the feedback on e-mail and in social media. We have just released an update.

Whats fixed/new:
✓ Loop playback. (Right click play button)
✓ Some international names would crash soundly from starting on Windows, not any more.
✓ Double-clicking pitch, volume and vertical zoom slider to reset them.
✓ Drag local files from the file view into local folder or subfolder in the library view, to organize them.
✓ Keyboard shortcut for moving the playhead back to start. (Left arrow)
✓ Click on the freesound license in the file view to search for files with only that license .
✓ Switch to compact view and then back, reverts to the previous window geometry.
✓ Clicking on "cloud" or "local" loads all files from "cloud" or "local".
✓ Passwords with non ascii letters are accepted.

Soundly will work with Reaper on Windows in next Reaper update. (Works on mac)

Get the latest version at GetSoundly.com

Reaper on Windows update

Hi! We are receiving lots of feedback from you guys which is great! We are continuisly working to improve Soundly. There was a problem with draging files into Reaper on Windows which has kept us up a few nights. We have been in contact with the guys at Reaper, and this will be fixed in the next version of Reaper. I just had a chance to test the pre release and it felt good to see Reaper and Soundly working together. We have found a work around in Soundly as well and it might be a problem on other windows DAW's, how ever we have not had any feedback on this, but might make an option in settings for legacy windows mode.

Other then that we have sortet out some bugs and added a few features, we will release an update with update notes as soon as we are done testing.

Soundly version 1.0 is out!

Welcome to the release ready version of Soundly. Thank you all beta testeres, and welcome all new users!

You are currently running version:

If you are not running the latest version.
Windows: Download at GetSoundly.com
Mac: It will magicly auto update!