Discover a World of Exciting New Sounds

After months of preparation, today we can finally reveal that Soundly now includes yet another built-in free sound effects library:!

Field recordist and founder of Free to Use Sounds, Marcel Gnauk, has been traveling the world, recording authentic and exotic soundscapes, and it’s all now directly available from within Soundly. This requires a valid Soundly Pro subscription.

I sat down with an enthusiastic Marcel to learn more about his Free to Use Sounds project.

— So Marcel, could you please tell me about how you became interested in audio recording and on the history of

— Yes, it all started when me and my girlfriend/traveling companion Libby were filming for a project in Cambodia in 2017. We were in need of some additional sound effects, so we tried searching online for relevant material. However, most of the effects we found were either too expensive for budget travelers like us, or they were clouded in confusing licensing terms.

— I had no previous audio recording experience at this point, but I figured it would be interesting to see what I could come up with on my own. I brought my Zoom H1 recorder, and I walked around in Siem Reap, Cambodia. While I was listening to the environment through headphones, it hit me how much sound means for the authenticity of a video production, and how interesting the soundscape can be when you closely pay attention to it. I think I can say that I fell in love with sound recording at that moment. That again lead me to an interest in various recording gear, microphones and so forth. A new, exciting hobby was born, and I started capturing the soundscapes of the places Libby and me were visiting. We have now traveled to more than 30 countries, and I have recorded sounds from many of them.

— Since I previously had trouble finding sounds online, I thought it would be meaningful to make a website where others could utilize my recordings. My goal was to contribute to the creative endeavors of video creators, game developers etc, and so forth, and to make the sounds absolutely free to use - and so was born!

— In addition to letting users download my recordings from various platforms, serves as a travel blog featuring the fantastic experiences and locations where I am recording. Each recording normally gets its own blog post, where I describe the process and experiences I’ve had. We are also active on platforms such as Facebook and Instagram, so people can follow our adventures there.

— We have now been traveling for three years, and we have no plans to stop! I think it is so fun to let the readers of my blog join my journeys, and I think the new collaboration with Soundly will allow even more content creators to find my sounds. It’s all very exciting!

— What have been some of your favorite recordings so far?

— Oh, there are so many great experiences, but we really had a blast when we were recording the Howler Monkeys in Costa Rica or the traditional water irrigation systems in Bali. Oh, yeah and I captured a great recording of one of the fastest trains in the world - the Shinkansen in Japan! That sound is soo cool! I am all about authentic recordings, and I think it is so exciting how the soundscapes differ so much from destination to destination.

— Where are you dreaming about traveling to next?

— Well, a project I think would be very interesting is to travel to Antarctica and record the crackling of the ice before it melts - to serve as I kind of audio archeologist. I would also like to record more wildlife and nature, so I dream about joining someone with more experience in these fields and learn from them!

—Thanks so much, Marcel, and we’re so thrilled that your recordings are now available directly through Soundly. We’re eager to see where you and will be heading next.


Read more about Marcel and his adventures on To get the Free to Use Sounds library, go to the store inside Soundly, and add it for free.

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