Soundly 2.5 - What’s New

We’re so proud to finally release Soundly version 2.5! As always, many of the features in the new version is a consequence of communicating with our users - so thanks to everyone that has helped us on the way to this important release!

There are a lot of small and large improvements in version 2.5:


Collections replace playlists in version 2.5, maintaining all playlist functionality. Collections support unlimited sounds, more organizational options, and is even faster!

Spot to Reaper

A much asked for feature is finally here with the spot to Reaper-functionality. Thanks to the great guys at Reaper for working together with Soundly on implementing this!

Shuffle Search Results

Search results can now be shuffled in order to discover new sounds. Simply right click on the header row and select shuffle to randomize the search results.

Single Channel Extraction

Easily extract a single channel from multi-channel files, such as from multi-channel dialogue recordings.

Tab to Transient

Make the cursor travel to the next transient by pressing the tab key. Great for quickly navigating dynamic sounds, such as explosions.

Engine Optimizations

Under-the-hood code improvements make Soundly even faster and more stable.

Various Productivity Improvements:

Soundly version 2.5 stands as one of the largest and most important update to Soundly yet, and we are very proud of it. But that does not mean we are done! Stay tuned for some exciting news to be revealed soon! :)

We hope you enjoy all the new features, and we can’t wait to hear what you think!

Upgrading to Soundly 2.5 is free for all users. To upgrade, simply visit, download the app and overwrite any previous versions you might have.

Download Soundly at