New Year, New Soundly!

We’ve been hard at work all winter, and today we’re proud to launch a brand new version of Soundly with lots of new features, improvements, and bugfixes. As always, many of the features are a consequence of feedback from our users, so a big thanks for all your help!

Upgrading to the new Soundly is free for all users. To upgrade, simply visit, download the app and overwrite any previous versions you might have. We can’t wait to hear what you think!

There are a lot of small and large improvements in the new version:

Recently Previewed

Soundly now includes a dynamic collection called “Recent” which will show your recently played files.

Horizontal Zoom

A much asked for feature is finally here with horizontal zoom. Holding down the alt-key while scrolling the mouse wheel will horizontally zoom in and out. If you add the shift key to this combination, vertical zoom is engaged.

You can also use the keyboard shortcuts “R” or “T” to zoom horizontally.

Speed Improvements

We’ve tweaked and fine-tuned the already blazingly fast Soundly audio engine, and it’s now even faster. We hope you’ll be as amazed as us at how quickly Soundly now loads files from the Cloud!


Flagging files is a quick way to mark files in a search. Right-click and select “Flag” or use the keyboard shortcut “F” to mark files as flagged. When the flag action is performed, the corresponding row turns yellow. You can spot all flagged files to Pro Tools at once, and flagged files will show up in your “Recent” collection, so that you can easily go back and find recently flagged files.

Adobe Premiere Integration

Soundly now detects where your Adobe Premiere project file is located and can save dragged-out files to a folder relative to this project.

Single Channel Preview

You can now quickly jump between each channel within a multi-channel audio file. Simply hold the alt-key while pressing the number of the channel you want to listen to in order to listen to that channel.

Prefix File Names

You can now prefix the file names of your exported audio with a text of your choosing. For example, you can prefix the file names of all your exported audio with the phrase “SFX_”. That way you can easily find all the sound effects in your session.

Various Productivity Improvements:

It gives us great pleasure working with Soundly, and your feedback is part of what’s making it so fun! :)

Thank you so much for all your fantastic support!

Download Soundly at