Meet the New Soundly!

We’re celebrating the arrival of summer here in Oslo with a brand new version of Soundly! As always, many of the features in the new version is a consequence of communicating with our users - so thanks to everyone that has helped us with suggestions and advice!

Upgrading to the new Soundly is free for all users. To upgrade, visit, download the app and overwrite any previous versions you might have. We can’t wait to hear what you think!

There are a lot of small and large improvements in the new version:

Traversing through millions of past searches, Soundly’s AI-powered search algorithm now suggest related keywords for you. That means less time searching and more time discovering!

Multi DB Support

Soundly can now simultaneously connect to multiple shared databases, making file and database organization even easier.

Channel Select

A much asked for feature is finally here with Channel Select, making it incredibly easy to extract one or more specific channels from multichannel files.

Portable Mode

Copy the Soundly application to a USB stick or similar and take it anywhere you go. Great for professionals using multiple studios!

Did you Mean

Google-style Did You Mean Functionality helps you spell your searches correctly! Combined with Related Searches and the Sound Effect Thesaurus, Soundly’s search capabilities now stands in a class of its own.

Single Channel Preview

You can now quickly jump between each channel within a multi-channel audio file. Simply hold the alt-key while pressing the number of the channel you want to listen to in order to listen to that channel.

Thesaurus Update

Soundly’s specially built Sound Effect Thesaurus has grown and is now even more accurate.

Various Productivity Improvements:


Thank you so much for all your fantastic support!

— Team Soundly

Download Soundly at