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How can I create and distribute a Soundly settings file for use on multiple machines?

To ensure a consistent experience across different machines, Soundly allows you to save and distribute a settings file. Here’s how you can create one and use it on multiple computers:

Option 1: For All Operating Systems

Activating Portable Mode:

  1. Launch Soundly and go to Settings.
  2. Under the “Operation” section, activate “Portable mode.”
  3. This action creates a file named soundly_settings.ini next to the Soundly application.
  4. Soundly will look for this soundly_settings.ini file at startup. If it exists, the app will use it for settings.

Distributing the Portable Settings:

  1. You can distribute the soundly_settings.ini file to other machines.
  2. Ensure that this file is placed next to the Soundly application on each machine.
  3. When Soundly starts, it will automatically load the settings from this file.

Option 2: For Mac Users

Creating a Settings File:

  1. On your Mac, Soundly saves all settings in the following path: /Users/[YourUser]/Library/Preferences/com.soundly.Soundly.plist. You can copy this file for distribution.

Using the Settings File on Another Mac:

  1. On the target Mac, navigate to /Users/{YourUser}/Library/Preferences/.
  2. Replace or paste the com.soundly.Soundly.plist file in this directory. If there’s an existing file with the same name, ensure you back it up or overwrite it.

By following these steps, you can ensure a consistent Soundly setup across multiple machines.

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