Soundly Tools

In our standalone tools section, you will find a variety of tools that have been created by the Soundly team to assist with your sound design projects.

Shape it

Shape It, the new equalizer in Soundly has quickly become so popular that users have asked for a standalone plugin for all editing software. And now, it's finally available!

Shape it's cuts and boosts are lightning-fast, making it a perfect fit for the fast-paced world of sound design. This parametric EQ has ten bands and includes various presets, including musical ones, allowing for quick adjustments or complete sound transformation.

Developed to meet professional standards, Shape it has been our in-house tool since its creation. We are thrilled to now share this powerful EQ with the broader audio community for the incredible price of FREE.

Place it

The Place it plugin in Soundly Voice Designer was so popular that we received countless requests for a standalone plugin for all DAWS and editing suites - and we listened!

Place it lets you emulate the sound of a chosen speaker and place it in one of 40 different environments - all based on expertly recorded convolution impulse responses in true stereo.

As a sound effects platform obsessed with high-quality audio, the bar was high when we developed Place it. A year of research and development was put into it, and we think it rivals the best.

To thank our users, we decided to offer it completely for free!

Cheat Sheet

Boost your audio editing process with the Soundly Cheat Sheet, showcasing the most popular keyboard shortcuts for both Windows and Mac users. Download the PDF or print it to keep essential shortcuts within easy reach, enabling you to design sounds with greater efficiency and creativity.

Enhance your productivity with the Soundly Cheat Sheet!

Soundly Monitor

The Soundly Monitor VST3 and AAX plugins function as a virtual audio output from the Soundly App to your DAWs. It is preferred over the outdated ReWire system because it provides full multi-channel support. The plugins come pre-installed with Soundly on Windows. To install them on macOS, go to Settings and select Audio Device.

Soundly for Streamdeck

The Soundly Stream Deck integration brings streamlined efficiency to audio professionals. It includes customizable profiles for 15-button and 32-button Stream Decks, as well as Stream Deck +, and is compatible with Windows, Mac, and mobile devices.

The streamdeck profile features 130 icons in six colors, enabling easy profile installation and icon customization. This integration simplifies your Soundly workflow, enhancing productivity in sound design and production.


We're great fans of Halloween here at Soundly, and we're celebrating this scary time of the year with a brand new web app Spookly!

Spookly plays scary sounds at custom intervals. It's great for Halloween gatherings or for scaring your friends.

Try Spookly in your browser!