Soundly support:

Why can't I access Freesound / Third-Party Cloud Storage?

Problems regarding access to Soundly’s servers or domains soundly connects to are often due to firewall restrictions. Connecting through Soundly’s proxy server usually solves this issue, including associated services such as, Google Drive, or Amazon S3.

The proxy server routes all Soundly’s network requests through it. The proxy server might introduce a somewhat slower connection in some cases, but it is sometimes the only solution. All other internet traffic on the computer stays unaffected, as the proxy server is only used internally in Soundly.

  1. Go to Settings in Soundly, and find the Networking area.
  2. Click Set manual proxy
  3. In Hostname/IP put
  4. In Port put 80
  5. Leave User name and Password empty.
  6. Click Save

Soundly shows you the connection status and routes traffic through the proxy server from now on.

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