Soundly News | 1680 New Sounds Spring To Life!

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1680 New Sounds Spring To Life!

Spring is finally here! Birds are chirping, trees are blooming, and today Soundly is growing with 10 fresh sound packs added to the Soundly Pro Library.

We wish you a happy, productive, and peaceful spring – and we hope you enjoy all the new, spring fresh sounds brought to you by the hard working Soundly sound design team. Read all about the new packs below.

1680 New Sounds Added!
New Soundly Pro Packages

Find all the sounds in each package by entering the pack's hashtag in the search field within Soundly.

Tunnel Ambience & Detonations
We visited a tunnel construction site and got some cool recordings from deep inside. Large drills from a distance sounding like drones, construction vehicles pass by's and detonations from the inside. #tunnel
Rattle Round 1
We're still rattling after the first round of the "rattles" recording session. Our first "rattle victim" was a shipping container. Stay tuned for more in this category! #rattleround1
Race Track
650(!) sports cars pass by's, including tire skids, screeches, and engine noises. If you are still looking for more after this library, nobody can help you. #racetrack
Car Protest
Experience neverending honks and horns in the "Car Protest" pack, recorded from different perspectives and distances from the "honk herd". These sounds suit perfectly for traffic stops and big-city sound scapes as well! #carprotest
Rocks Destruction
Heavy rocks, small stones, gravel, and bricks are used and abused in this library for your sound design needs. Pitch, stretch, and mangle these sounds as you like - the sample rate of 192kHz will make sure they preserve high fidelity. #rocksdestruction
Screeching Metal
High pitch scrapes, piercing screeches, mighty groans, and singing shrills are all included in this pack. The unpleasant metal sounds will send shivers down your spine. You might not even want to hear them after all. #screechingmetal
Board Games
This classic board game sounds collection includes dice, game pawns, dominoes, mikado, and playing cards on various surfaces. Perfect for designing digital versions of board games – who wants to play games outside of a computer? #boardgames
Rubik's Cube
Our sound designer repeatedly solved the infamous Rubiks cube with no prior experience while making this library. He must be a genius. At least that's what it sounds like, and you can't prove him wrong by listening to these recordings. He solved the classic cube and a speed cube to achieve new personal records. #rubikscube
Antique Printing Press
The oldest printing press in this collection is from 1905 and is still in working condition! Various perspectives and contact microphones have been utilized to catch the sound of these glorious antique machines. #oldprintingpress
Game Loops
This pack's musical and loopable sounds has something for every genre - epic, techy, sci-fi, playful, light, and dark. We just love the vibe! #gameloops
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