Soundly News | 6400 Sounds For A Happy & Productive New Year!

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6400 Sounds For A Happy & Productive New Year!

As a huge thanks to our users for making 2021 Soundly's most explosive year ever, we release 6400 new sounds to fire off your new year!

Our sound designers and recording artists have worked around the clock for many months to prepare for Soundly's most significant sound release to date!

The new sounds are available now in Soundly Pro and cover a rich area of categories and use-cases. Read about just a few examples below.

We wish you a happy, productive, and peaceful new year, and we can't wait to show you all our exciting plans for 2022!

6400 Sounds To Fire Off 2022!
New Soundly Pro Packages

Find all the sounds in each package by entering the pack's hashtag in the search field within Soundly.

Tank - BMP 1
The Boyevaya Mashina Pjehoty 1 tank was the first mass-produced infantry fighting vehicle of the Soviet Union. This huge pack has covered the entire vehicle, from driving to mechanisms to heating systems - basically everything except shots as there were no hostile enemies nearby. #bmp1
Designed mechanics of massive wooden and metal catapults launching projectiles into the air. Excellent for medieval battlefields and sieges. You also get separate layers to mix and match for more variations. #catapult
Tesla Winter Session
We took a little ride with a Tesla a few days ago on the extremely cold country roads outside the city. This pack is the first installment of the car, and more is to come! Exterior pass by's, interior driving, doors, vehicle beeps, snow tire friction, and even some window ice scrape is included in the pack! #tesla
Football Supporters
Recordings of supporters at a football derby. Here you'll find boos, goal cheers, chants, and other game reactions from the most active parts of the stadium. The pack also includes audience half-time wallas, pre-game ambiences of the stadium, and more! #supporters
World Of Bells, Chimes & Gongs
We call this pack The world of bells, chimes & gongs because it's all about diversity here. The origins of the instruments are from all over the world. A bonus of the pack is some unique African percussion and rainsticks! #bellsandgongs
Cinematic Underscores
The loops of this pack come in a range of different styles—full of tension, mystery, and action. The underscores are cinematic and will enhance the feel of excitement dramatically, whether it's a game or a movie. #underscores
Designed Ice
What's winter without a new excellent ice pack? The pack contains a lot of icy stuff, like the sound when things freeze up, whooshes, frozen magic spells, and other chilly things that make us long for summer. #designedice
Oil Rig
Indeed a unique pack: recordings of an out to sea oil rig. One of our sound designers visited an oil rig for a few days and captured a lot of cool sounds with ultrasonic and contract microphones. We promise enough variations of air hiss, pumps, pipes, and turbine machines. #oilrig
Tropical Rain
The rain is pouring down in these recordings from the rainforests of Cairns, Australia. It's freezingly cold in Norway at the moment, so it can be nice to remind ourselves that the tropical environments of the world have their challenging seasons too. #tropicalrain
Interior Construction Site
The recording took place inside a building block, and boy, these recordings will get you hammered. You can pick your ambiences in either multichannel or stereo and enjoy the lovely drill and beating from different perspectives. #constructioninterior
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