Article by: Erling Hoff — Sep 08 2023

Behind the Sounds: Soundly at the DAWbench Radio Show

In episode 26. of the DAWbench Radio Show, Peder Jørgensen, Co-Founder of Soundly, had an enlightening conversation with Vin Curigliano of AAVIM Technology. They discussed Peder’s personal journey with audio, music, and technology.

Peder provided a detailed account of Soundly’s history and its groundbreaking features and technology. The conversation highlighted the milestone releases and evolution of Soundly over the years.

One notable aspect of the discussion was the creation and cataloging of the cloud SFX library, which has made Soundly a popular choice among industry professionals. They also discussed Soundly’s direct integration with major DAWs, showcasing its versatility and adaptability. This integration has greatly improved users’ workflow efficiency.

Peder also shared his insights on the future of audio technology, focusing on the areas of Machine Learning, Neural Networks, and AI. He discussed the ethical considerations associated with using such advanced technologies and hinted at the future innovations that Soundly may introduce.

This episode of DAWbench Radio Show offered listeners a comprehensive overview of the world of audio technology, showcasing the past, present, and future of Soundly.

Listen to the interview using the embedded player above or by following this link:

Episode 26 : The Art of Sound Design : Soundly : Sound Creation, Cataloguing & Archival !

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