Article by: Sebastian Storvik — Jun 09 2024

Free Giveaway: Shape it, a plugin for everyone

Shape it is now a free plugin for everyone

As a part of Soundly’s equalizer program, we’ve decided to release our flagship equalizer, Shape it, as a free plugin. Because what’s more equal than making it free?

Now anyone can exclude frequencies that don’t fit in – frequencies that are too high, or too low – frequencies we don’t take kindly to around here.

Shape it was created because we needed an EQ ourselves, so it’s designed for all our sound designers’ needs. Our goal was to make it quick at doing what we do the most; high cut, low cut, finding the right frequency, and more. Everything you need in an EQ for a well equalized workflow.

My grandfather used to say “effort is the great equalizer”, but now that he has tried Soundly he says “Shape it is the great equalizer” - and here at Soundly, we couldn’t agree more, because we hate effort.

🎛️ Trim the Rumble: Watch how fast our low cut filters (aka high pass filters) clean up the sound!

What is an EQ, really?

Shape it got its name because it does exactly that, it shapes the audio. It’s what’s called a parametric equalizer with 10 bands. Each band is again adjustable in three main ways: frequency, gain, and bandwidth.

Each of the 10 bands can be set to affect a specific center frequency within the audio spectrum. The frequency range typically spans from 20 Hz (deep bass) to 24 kHz (high treble), covering more than the entire range of human hearing. So whether you’re tuning subs or bat sounds, Shape it stretches to 24kHz for those who can hear dog whistles and secret government broadcasts!

Gain control for each band allows you to boost or cut the amplitude of the selected frequency. A positive gain value will amplify the frequencies around the center frequency, while a negative gain value will attenuate them.

The bandwidth, or Q factor, determines how wide or narrow the affected frequency range is around the center frequency. A high Q value results in a narrow band, affecting a small range of frequencies, which is useful for precise adjustments like removing a specific unwanted frequency. A low Q value affects a broader range of frequencies, which is useful for general tonal adjustments.

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What separates this flagship from other galleons?

Say you’ve picked the sound of a wave crashing in on the beach at sunset, with Shape it you can make that wave a synth. Meaning you can create a chord from the audio waves… of a wave. I think that’s called “New Wave.” Does that make sense? By opening the chord preset you can make any chord from any sound with Shape it.

We also have a mix knob for adjusting filter intensity, a phase flip button, and more.

And now, by your request (not solely our fictional equalizer program) – Shape it is available as a free stand-alone plugin for your audio and video software.

Life has its highs and lows, but with Shape it, it doesn’t have to. Just high and low cut all the noise you don’t want away from your existence.

Download Shape it for FREE here.

Available for macOS and Windows as VST, AU, and AAX formats.

Note: In other news Place it, our tool that lets you put sounds in any environment, is now heavily bug fixed. Just in time for the real bugs that come with summer. 🪲🐝🐜

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