Soundly News | Meet The New Soundly – Dropbox, Wwise, Smart Sort & Much More!

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Meet The New Soundly: Dropbox, Wwise, Smart Sort & Much More!

After months of preparation, the new Soundly version is finally here!

We're expanding our commitment to our Cloud Storage Freedom Initiative with support for Dropbox, and we're making sound design for game developers much easier with intuitive Wwise integration.

Many of the new features result from our users' feedback, so thanks so much, and we hope you enjoy the new Soundly!

Update to the new Soundly here, and read more about exciting new features below.

Major New Soundly Features
Dropbox Support
In addittion to Google Drive and Amazon S3, Soundly now can access Dropbox folders directly, letting you search, browse and upload files.
Wwise Integration
Soundly integrates with game audio middleware Wwise, letting you send files to Wwise and recall them in Soundly.
After Effects Integration
Soundly detects After Effects projects and saves files dragged into After Effects to a folder relative to the project.
Soundly Monitor VST Plugin
The Soundly Monitor plugin has been popular on Pro Tools systems – now it’s finally availale in the VST format.
Smart Sort
Sort results based on export frequency by moving your less-used sounds higher in the result list. Smart Sort lets you discover new sounds every time you search.
Selection Fading
Directly fade the current selection by dragging the top of the waveform or using the shortcut Shift F.
Filter Libraries & Collections
Easily navigate large lists of libraries and collections by refining the list to what you’re looking for.
Full UCS Support
The Soundly Pro Library now follows the UCS standard, with a new option for using the UCS naming scheme when exporting files. New UCS-columns are also available in the file view.
Improved Cloud Search
By prioritizing newer files, the cloud search engine provides faster and more accurate results, making new sounds easier to find.
Purple Waveform in Meditation Mode
We have redesigned the Meditation for Sound Designers waveform in soothing purple. You can now find Zen directly from Soundly by pressing Cmd Shift Opt M on macOS or Ctrl Shift Alt M on Windows. Namaste.
Please see the news tab in the Soundly app for more details on all the exciting new features!
2620 New Sounds Added Last Month
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