Soundly News | New Soundly: 50 New Features and Improvements!

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New Soundly: 50 New Features and Improvements!

Today we are thrilled to bring you a brand new version of Soundly, with a staggering amount of new features and improvements. Update to the new version here, and read about some of our largest new features below. Thanks so much for all your feedback and advice!

Major New Soundly Features
Activity List
The new activity list lets you quickly access recent searches, previewed and exported files, your current Pro Tools session, and much more.
Searchable Collections
Right-click and select “Search in collection” or search using the bar in the collection header.
Larger Waveform
Customizing the waveform height can be useful when working on audio files with several channels, such as dialogue tracks.
Spot to Logic
Soundly can now send files directly to the Apple Logic Pro timeline.
New Export Options
Automatically sum to mono or split to stereo. Apply gain adjustments like normalizing and gaining and file name manipulation such as adding a suffix or replacing special characters with underscores.
Universal Category System
UCS is a new file naming standard aiming at a more consequent organization system for sound effects. Soundly now imports UCS files and lets you make your own UCS compatible files.
Offline Collections
Collections are now available offline, and they automatically sync between your computer and the cloud.
Offline Cloud Bridge
Using a shared folder between an online and offline system, Soundly can push files from Soundly running online to Soundly running offline. This functionality allows, for instance, to spot files from the online version of Soundly to Pro Tools running offline.
921 New Sounds Added Last Month
Brand New Soundly Pro Packages

Find all the sounds in each package by entering the pack's hashtag in the search field within Soundly.

This exclusive pack is packed with sounds from the barn. Haystack movement, pitchfork impacts, tractor passby's, old barn doors and gates, industrial fans, grasshopper and insect ambiances, and more! #barn
This Pinball exclusive pack features a variety of different good ol' classic pinball games. Recorded at highest sample rate with ultrasonic microphones so that you can pitch-shift these. #pinball
Get locked in with this Soundly Exclusive pack with chains! A wide variety of chains in different sizes and mass has been dragged over floors, metal edges, and more. #chains
Designed Tibet Bowl
This pack contains ambivalent feels. This pack features not only the classic peaceful and stress-relieved tones, but also some darkened and manipulated versions that will put you on edge. #designedbowl
Car Smash
Hood hits, window smashes and other metal penetrating stuff in this Car mess-up pack. Ultrasonic mics at 192k make these recordings nice for pitch-shifting. #carsmash
Glitchy Ambience
Very weird and complex "ambiences". Glitchy and interfering. Interesting. It's not on earth. Maybe another planet. #glitchyambience
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