Soundly News | Cloud Storage Freedom, New Design & 60 More Features!

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New Soundly: Cloud Storage Freedom, New Design & 60 More Features!

We're finally ready to bring you a brand new Soundly version, with a staggering amount of new features and improvements!

The latest version kicks off Soundly's new Cloud Storage Freedom initiative. Connect third-party storage providers to Soundly and have your entire sound library in the cloud!

Our goal is that Soundly Pro users should be free to use whatever cloud storage solution they prefer without paying us anything extra.

Update to the new Soundly here, and read more about some of the exciting new features below.

Major New Soundly Features
Amazon S3
By uploading files to S3 through Soundly, you’ll get unlimited cloud storage and an experience that rivals Soundly Cloud Storage.
Google Drive
Access your Google Drive folders directly from Soundly, letting you search, browse, and upload files.
Open In External Editor
Send files to any external editor that supports the open-command, such as Acoustica, Izotope RX, and Fission.
New Design
We’ve entirely redesigned parts of Soundly, giving you a smoother and more beautiful interface.
Musical Pitching
Tune and pitch your sounds in semitones, making them easier harmonize with musical editing content.
New Payment Options
Soundly now supports PayPal, in addition to a new yearly plan.
Smart Description Column
Sound libraries use a variety of naming and metadata standards. The new Smart Description Column shows you the most essential information in one place.
Database Prioritization
Soundly natively presents search results from the cloud, local files, and the network. Activating this feature lets you prioritize the order of the results based on what database the files belong to.
Please see the news tab in the Soundly app for more details on all the 60+ exciting new features!
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