Soundly News | New Soundly – Creativity Erupts in Beautiful Ways

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New Soundly: Creativity Erupts in Beautiful Ways

Today marks a seismic shift for Soundly and, we hope, the world of sound design:

Our biggest update yet!

Years of passionate work have gone into it; all centered around a new design that streamlines every part of Soundly while keeping the ease of use you are used to. And we think it looks stunning!

Key new features include Search Tabs, built-in EQ, Audio Toolbox, Spectrogram view, Place it and much more. Everything is designed to ignite creativity and streamline your sound design process.

Our new scorching hot video shows some of these features, all designed to make sound design faster, easier, and more fun!

For those who haven't updated Soundly in some time, today is a perfect day to do so!

New Soundly Features
New Design
In our new beautiful design, every detail has been rethought for ease of use and speed. Super-power your creative flow - elegantly.
You know what they are. We’re not going to spend time writing copy on this feature. But it’s a workflow enhancer and works great!
Shape it
Shape it is Soundly’s flagship equalizer, especially designed for sound designers’ needs. It has replaced all other EQs in our studios, and it’s available at your fingertips in the Soundly editor.
Place it
Our popular tool that lets you put any sound in any environment, is now easily available for all files in the Soundly editor.
Audio Toolbox
Reverse, sum to mono, fade, normalize, and much more with a single click in the new audio toolbox.
Folders View
Quickly navigate your directory structure with in our new folders view.
Search Filter
Filter search results, folders and collections, and more with the new filter bar.
Need inspiration? Want to mix things up a bit? Use the new shuffle button to give you something new.
Send To-button
Send files anywhere with our new send-to-button. Transfer sounds to DAWs, editor applications - even send files directly to a folder!
Searchable settings
We’ve deep-cleaned our settings section because even we couldn’t even find our way around it! Searching makes it easy to find the setting your looking for and customize Soundly to your liking.
Metadata Side Panel
Quickly get an overview of all your sounds’ metadata in the new metadata side panel. Edit metadata, including UCS, and even view the artwork for the sound.
Spectrogram View
Discover interesting parts of your audio faster with the new spectrogram view.
Please see the news tab in the Soundly app for more details on all the exciting new features!
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