Article by: Erling Hoff — Oct 23 2023

Soundly and Acon Digital Join Forces with HANCE

Soundly and Acon Digital have collaborated to create HANCE, a cutting-edge audio enhancement solution that is set to revolutionize industries such as telecom, post-production, aerospace, and intelligence. The HANCE Audio Engine, developed by Soundly and Acon Digital engineers, is the result of years of research and experimentation in audio processing and machine learning. The engine is built on a unique combination of deep learning and evolutionary computing techniques, enabling it to quickly and accurately learn from auditory data and tackle various audio-specific tasks, including noise reduction, reverb removal, dialogue boost, and music removal. It is also extremely CPU-efficient and has a low memory footprint, making it suitable for various applications, including video conferencing, live broadcasting and audio forensics.

HANCE was born out of the shared interest in audio processing and machine learning between Peder Jørgensen and Erling Hoff from Soundly and Stian Aagedal from Acon Digital. Acon Digital saw the need for additional data to improve their algorithms, and Soundly provided the necessary data through its massive sound library. Both companies improved their products and offered better solutions to their users through their partnership. They identified a gap in the market and utilized their shared expertise to create HANCE.

The founders of HANCE discussing their groundbreaking audio enhancement technology at the AI x Startups: PechaKucha Talks event.

HANCE primarily targets businesses and organizations, offering licensing opportunities for companies to integrate HANCE’s audio enhancement technologies into their products and services. provides examples and allows users to try the HANCE processes on their own files. The C++, Web and Python API documentation is available for those interested in exploring real-time audio processing or training custom models.

With the launch of HANCE, the audio industry is set to experience a new level of innovation. The collaboration between Soundly and Acon Digital will continue to push the boundaries of audio enhancement technology.

If you’re curious about the benefits of HANCE technology, we recommend checking out the HANCE website. You’ll find plenty of helpful resources, including articles, examples, API documentation, demonstrations, and contact information.

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