Article by: Doug Hansel — Mar 31 2021

Emotions Eau de Parfum - Sound Good. Smell Great.

Soundly today released ‘Emotions’, a perfume designed for editors, mixers, and anyone responsible for bringing pictures to life with sound. Seeking to help those who make great sound smell equally great, the new Soundly perfume contains a fragrance that turns up the volume without touching a dial, even when you’ve pulled an all-nighter against the tightest of deadlines.

Everyone loves great sound, but sometimes, when last minute picture changes are happening faster than the sound team can brew coffee, the job can start to stink in more ways than one. Since the deadline isn’t changing and the budget is fixed, the sound team doesn’t sleep. Now, thanks to Soundly, no one will ever know you’ve been up for 48 hours straight looking for just the right killer zombie eye popping out sound. With Soundly’s new perfume, you may be sweating the details at 3 AM, but you don’t have to smell like it.

‘Emotions’ is full of definition and clarity, a harmonious accord with with sweet top notes and a solid base grounded in olfactory passion. Editors no longer have to settle for an obfuscated bottom-end and diluted heart note that offends the senses. With a bright top note of citrus and jasmine, and a base of rich spices, the fragrance echoes a statement of bold density and sparkling energy. Mids of mint give the fragrance a round heart, rendering a scent that resonates both inside and outside the studio. Click here to see what wearing the Soundly perfume can do for you.

‘The Soundly app and comprehensive cloud-based library is so easy to use, we wanted to make a splash and recognize the sonic heroes who enable directors to tell the best story in the way that only great sound can do,” said Christian Schaanning, co-founder of Soundly. “Smelling great is an essential tool in getting signoff for that killer mix by even the most demanding directors and producers.’

‘We’ve had lots of great ideas, but our perfume is sure to be a hit,” said Peder Jørgensen, Lead Developer and co-founder at Soundly. “Who else can make you sound this good and smell this great at the same time? Who? Yes, my point exactly.’

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