Article by: Erling Hoff — Dec 18 2023

Soundly Pro Now Offers Full Access to the Complete Free To Use Sounds Library

Soundly Pro users have a new sound library to explore this holiday season. Marcel Gnauk and Libby Green, the creators behind the ‘Free To Use Sound’ library, have made their entire collection accessible in Soundly, and we are thrilled to share it with you!

The journey of Marcel and Libby began with a simple Zoom H1 recorder in Cambodia. Over the years, their project expanded into a comprehensive library, offering a wide range of sounds. From the vibrant buzz of cityscapes to the serene ambiance of nature, their recordings often originate from remote locations rarely captured in high quality. The ‘Free to Use Sound’ team uses advanced techniques and equipment, such as hydrophones for underwater acoustics and contact microphones for capturing subtle vibrations. This have enabled them to compile a collection invaluable to sound designers and video editors, further enhancing Soundly Pro as a platform with even more interesting and diverse sounds.

As 2023 draws to a close, we extend our heartfelt gratitude to Marcel and Libby. Their dedication resonates with Soundly’s mission to deliver the best sounds from all around the world. We also thank the Soundly community for their unwavering support. Discover the the “Free to Use Sounds” library, now easily accessible in the Add-ons section in Soundly.

We wish everyone a peaceful holiday season!

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