Soundly News | Soundly's Summer Splash – 10 607 New Sounds!

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Soundly's Summer Splash:
10 607 New Sounds!

Summer is finally here, and so is a wave of fresh, new sounds at Soundly! Our team of sound designers and recording artists have outdone themselves this year, setting a record with the release of 10 607 high-quality sounds for the Soundly Pro Library!

From the roar of snowmobiles and the electrifying energy of soccer stadiums to the rumble of shifting glaciers, our team has travelled far and wide to capture truly unique sounds. And we've recruited sound designers from around the world to help us reach our goal of giving you all the sounds you'll ever need.

Today, we're making a big splash with the release of 16 sound packs! Many of our sonic adventures have been inspired by your requests and suggestions - thank you to everyone who has contributed!

Read about our new sound packs below, and we wish you a fun, sun-soaked and lovely summer! 💦🏖🔫

10 607 Sounds Added In 2023!

Free Soundly Pro for Two Weeks

We celebrate the arrival of summer and 10 607 new sounds with a special gift: two weeks of Soundly Pro for free! Simpy sign up with the activation code summer2023 or go to user > profile and apply the code. That's it!

Brand New Soundly Pro Packages

Find all the sounds in each package by entering the pack's hashtag in the search field within Soundly.

Water Balloons
Summer is finally arriving, and the need for some cool-down sounds comes with it. Let us introduce the Water Balloon Sound Pack! We've spent the sunny afternoon capturing splats of water balloons. Our recording gear might've taken a hit in the process, but it was worth it! #waterballoons
Water Guns
Hear the mighty sprays of our selected arsenal of water guns! We captured both the wet sounds of water action and the dry sounds, such as the handling and pumping of the water guns. Splash away! #waterguns
Science Museum
We visited the Norwegian Museum of Arts and Technology and recorded everything that came our way. We captured sounds of Newton's Cradle balls, old factory machines, pillar drills, engaging ambiences, air wind tunnels, and much more! #sciencemuseum
Industrial Printers
Our neighbor happens to be an industrial design company, and they kindly invited us to record sounds in their office. The audio captured includes a projector screen mechanism, a grinding machine, several 3D printers, and other design industry tools. As usual, we used ultrasonic microphones for recording, which makes the sounds from the different 3D printers particularly intriguing when pitched down. #industrialprinters
Freehub & Mech
Polyfjord, the notable Blender artist and Youtuber, required specific sounds for his mechanical creature 3D sound design competition. The result is a pack with various freehub models, chains, and crank handles. Additionally, we've included isolated clicks and chains arranged in seamless loops. #freehub&mech
Corporate Air
Hear the hauntingly beautiful sounds of an empty corporate building in this exclusive library. The library offers a large variety of room hums, buzzes, and rumbles, and all the sounds have been edited to loop perfectly. Whether you need characteristic room tones for your project or long for the office during your days off, this library is for you! #corporateair
Creature Vocalizations
A handful of new otherworldly creatures have invaded the Soundly Pro Library. These alien voices range from small and slimy to big and haunting. Use the vocalizations as they are, or layer them with your own sounds to create new threatening creatures. #creaturevox
Magic Pads
Supercharge your magic spell designs with these magical pads. Use them for spell charges, long summonings, or to add an otherworldy textural feel to your soundscape. Abracadabra, hocus pocus, sim sala bim! #magicpads
Mercedes G-Wagon
We had the pleasure of borrowing a Mercedes-Benz Geländewagen, also known as the G-Wagon, for a recording session. This badass SUV has 4-wheel drive and a V8 engine boasting 577 horsepower. We covered the car with several interior and onboard perspectives and three exterior microphone setups as we drove the car back and forth on a private track. #gelandewagen
Trains are arguably one of the most comfortable ways of traveling, and they're also great objects for recording. We love the characteristic horns, the clacking of the rails, and the power as they race through the tracks. Enjoy this varied collection of Soundly's latest train additions. Choo, choo! #trains
London Underground
Experience train and underground sounds from the Londinium. This collection includes exterior train clacks accompanied by whining sounds from the tracks, as well as the classic interior screeching interior sounds from the 'tube'. This pack provides both stereo and B-Format Ambisonics! #londonunderground
Small and gentle waves lapping, big waves splashing on rocks, and the sound of the pebbles as the waves pull back from the shore. We're confident you'll find the waves you're looking for and that you'll enjoy the soothing sounds while you're browsing. Unless you're Chuck Noland, then you'll probably hate browsing these sounds. #waves
Wind Textures
We've added over 300 new wind recordings to the Soundly Pro library! This collection features everything from the sound of flapping flags to rattling metal structures and rustling vegetation. Immerse yourself in various, sometimes eerie, textures and intensities as the winds flow through your speakers or headphones. #windtextures
Amazon Rainforest
The Amazon rainforest is the world's largest jungle and one of the most biodiverse places on Earth. Hear some of the remarkable animals and soundscapes you can encounter in the Amazon and add authenticity to your next jungle-themed scene. Quad recordings are included for an immersive experience. #amazonrainforest
As the warm temperature of summer settles upon us, it brings with it a symphony/cacophony of insect sounds. From individual bees and crickets to buzzing beds of cicadas, here are our latest bug sound additions. #insects
The Countryside collection features sounds from rural areas, quiet villages, and expansive deserts, including recordings taken overnight. This collection also encompasses classic farm sounds, such as cow moos, sheep, animal bells, and the clatter of a metal galley truck. #countryside
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