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Soundly's Spring Sound Surge!

Spring is almost here, and we're celebrating by releasing ten new sound effect packs to the Soundly Pro Library!

Our talented sound designers and recording artists are working around the clock to make the Soundly Pro Library the only sound source you'll ever need.

1391 New Sounds Added Last Month
New Soundly Pro Packages

Find all the sounds in each package by entering the pack's hashtag in the search field within Soundly.

Crime Scenes
Tired of building up all crime scenes from scratch? This is a run & gun-pack for various scenarios with walkie-talkies, police sirens, and CSI activity around. #crimescene
Antique Guns
Guns from the 1800's being fired. Smell the gunpowder through your speakers! #antiqueguns
Gun Mechanism
This pack contains numerous different types of handguns being handled. Mag changes, bullet loads, and more! #gunmag
Slow Motion
Drones and ambiances that enter slow-motion mode when time freezes. #slowmotion
Musical Chimes
Dark, musical and mysterious chimes with interesting and spooky tonal intervals. #musicalchimes
Arm movements, lifts, beeps, transforms, and everything else you'd expect from a robot. #robot
Tropical Birds
A collection of birds singing in the Amazonas. Some birds can really sound like they're from another planet! #tropicalbirds
A variety of animals in this pack. Apes, birds, cicadas, sea lions, and bees! #wildlife
All types of doors, cabinets and gates recorded in 192k with ultrasonic microphones. Pitch down that laundry door to make it a dungeons gate! #greatdoors
Lastly, we checkmate you with a chess-pack, for all of you Queens and Kings out there using Soundly! #chess
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