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The Scariest Sound in the World!

As Halloween nears, we're excited to update the Soundly library. This year's highlight is The Aztec Death Whistle, a sound so terrifying it is considered the world's most horrifying noise! You can find this sound in the Soundly library by searching #halloween, and it is also ready to instill terror through our Halloween player, Spookly!

But do you want to hear something even more scary? Numerous African-Eurasian bird species are vanishing or facing extinction, and we need their stories to be heard. That's why we are proud to announce our collaboration with Sounding Wild. They have just started their Wings Across Continents expedition</strong>, a two-year journey studying and recording African-Eurasian bird migration led by field researchers Axel and Ario Drioli. Learn more in our interview with Sounding Wild.

This year, we've taken our Halloween pack to a whole new level of creepy. Not only have we updated our scary pack with some Aztec death whistle blows, but we've also included classic horror Halloween sounds in all their haunting forms. We hope we haven't awakened any dark mystical powers after blowing those Aztec whistles, but one thing's for sure—this pack is not for the faint of heart. #halloween
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