Soundly End User License Agreement - Terms of Use

1. Grant of License

In consideration for the subscription fee paid by the Licensee the Licensor grants the Licensee a worldwide and non-exclusive license to use the sounds and sound effects in the Soundly Sound Libraries (from now on "The Sounds") on the terms and conditions set out in this Agreement. The limited free version of The Sounds (300 free sounds) may be used without a subscription fee but is otherwise regulated by this Agreement.

2. Rights Granted

The license granted in this Agreement allows the Licensee:

3. Restrictions

The Licensee is not permitted to distribute or perform reproductions of The Sounds where these are not incorporated in and synchronized with other media productions. Use of The Sounds for other purposes, such as but not limited to in toys, product design, greeting cards, ringtones, applications such as soundboards, hardware devices, media authoring tools etc must be separately agreed in writing to be allowed.

The Licensee is prohibited from adapting, modifying or repackaging The Sounds except as permitted in Clause 2.

The Licensee may not; (a) change, hack, modify, disassemble, decompile or reverse engineer the software used for The Sounds nor permit or encourage any third party to do so, (b) use the software or storage possibility in any illegal manner including but not limited to third party copyright infringement, (c) in any manner use the software in development, marketing or sale of a potentially competing product, (d) use the software or allow transfer, transmission or export in violation of US export control laws or regulations of any US government agency.

4. Intellectual Property Rights

The Sounds are owned by the Licensor and all intellectual property rights are hold by the Licensor. The ownership and other rights than the license rights granted in this Agreement remain the sole property of the Licensor. The Licensee must not claim ownership or authorship to The Sounds, only user rights.

5. Termination Due to Breach

6. Termination Due to Cancelation of Subscription

Both parties can terminate the subscription with 30 days' notice. The Licensee's rights to use The Sounds in any new product will automatically terminate if and when the Licensee cancels its subscription. In the event of cancelation, the Licensee shall delete or destroy all copies of The Sounds, which are not incorporated in any media production ref. Clause 2 (b) on the date of cancelation of subscription. Sounds incorporated in a media production on the termination date may still be used after termination.

7. Indemnity

The Licensee shall indemnify and hold harmless the Licensor from, and against any and all claims, demands, suits, awards, damages, injuries, liabilities and all reasonable expenses, including attorney's fees incurred by the Licensor's concerning any matter that arises as a result of the Licensee's breach of this Agreement.

8. Liability

The Licensor warrants that the Licensor owns The Sounds and can license The Sounds to the Licensee.

The Licensor shall not be liable for any indirect loss or damages, including loss of business or business profits, business interruption resulting from use of The Sounds. The Licensor's liability shall in no event exceed the subscription fee paid by the Licensee to the Licensor. The Licensee may include and store Licensee's own or third party's sounds (from now on called "Private Sounds") on separate storage space within the software and create playlists with Private Sounds. The Licensee warrants that the Licensee will have all necessary legal rights to store, use and share Private Sounds. The Licensor shall under no circumstances be liable or responsible for storage, use, and sharing of any Private Sounds, and the Licensee shall hold the Licensor harmless for any claims connected to Private Sounds.

9. Assignment

The Licensee has no right to transfer, license, sublicense, sell or otherwise assign The Sounds to any third party except as set out in Clause 2 (b).

10. Applicable Law

This Agreement is governed by the laws of Norway with jurisdiction and agreed exclusive venue of Oslo City Court, Norway.

11. and Third-party Products Sold at the Soundly Store

The Freesound library is excluded from this Agreement as it is a 3rd party library with its own licensing agreement. Read more on

Third-party products sold or licensed from the Soundly Store are not regulated by this Agreement unless otherwise explicitly stated and agreed. Please see the license agreements and terms of use for each such product.

If you use the Freesound library from within the Soundly Store or any other third-party products, no warranties are given and no liability is accepted.