Soundly lets you drag sound effects from the cloud and drop them into your project, saving precious time you now can spend on something else, like alphabetizing your sock drawer.
How it works
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Soundly is a cloud based sound effects app that delivers high quality sound effects - super fast, anywhere in the world.
Sign up and get access to the massive Soundly library. Thousands of high quality 96Khz 24Bit sound effects - instantly available.
Drag & drop sound effects from the cloud into your projects. Soundly works with any software that supports drag & drop, such as Pro Tools, Logic, Final Cut, Premiere etc.
Easy to use in the studio on multiple screens..
..and on the go in single screen mode
..and on the go in single screen mode
Download Soundly and sign up for a free account!
Download Soundly and sign up for a free account!
Soundly can index all your local sound effects. Simply drag your existing library to Soundly, and your're ready to go!
Expand the massive Soundly library directly from within the application. Free and premium libraries are instantly available from our built-in shop
Add custom effects like pitch, speed and reverse. Preview in real-time, and have it instantly applied to the track when you drag it out.
Soundly supports metadata in many different formats for local libraries. You can even write your own meta data to wav files.
Mono, stereo and surround.
Smart, lossless compression from our server gives you lightning fast transfers
Built on Google's infrastructure for unparalleled redundancy, safety and speed
Option for lower resolution files on slow connections
Access the extensive library directly from within Soundly
Index local wav, aiff, mp3 and flac files up to 192khz 32bit
Reads meta data from sound effect and music libraries
ReWire compatible
Spot to Pro Tools
For Mac and Windows

We're a small startup located in Oslo, Norway

I've been working with sound design and music for quite a few years. I Started learning to code in 2008, and it's become quite the passion for me. I'm responsible for the software.

Peders Website
I´ve been doing sound design on movies here in Norway and in LA since 2000. I've built up quite the sound library over the years, and I'm responsible for the Soundly library.

Christians IMDB | +47 932 94 327
Mandalls gate 4k 0190 Oslo, Norway