Article by: Sebastian Storvik — May 07 2024

All Hands On Stream Deck! Updated Integration

With Soundly’s extremely high-paced update frequency, one can only dream of anyone catching up. Except, of course, for Øivind Rosvold from Audio Ikons. Who doesn’t seem to find it difficult at all… odd.

Our first Soundly Stream Deck Integration was announced on January 2. Read about it here for handy setup instructions.

Here are the updates that let you integrate further.

Touchy-feely - Added Stream Deck + profiles

The Folder profile now organizes all functions in folders on one page. Due to limited buttons on the Stream Deck +, some folders will have subfolders. The Page profile spreads out functions over multiple pages. Neat, right?

Here are some interaction additions:

We’ve also added Touch Strip backgrounds in various colours, and most main icons are now available for the Touch Strip. Obviously for workflow efficiency, not looks and glamour.

It’s easy being blue - Additions to all profiles

Blue is the new… blue is the new default color for all icons and backgrounds. We’ve also given almost every icon an updated look, or facelift if you will, to better match the beauty of the icons in the Soundly App.

Stream Deck +

Added function(s) for easy breezy workflow:

All icons are now available in Light, Dark, Blue, and Green colors with transparent backgrounds, and we’ve added blank button backgrounds in various colors.

All in all new updates to enhance workflow, and to be aesthetically pleasing to your eyes.

We hope you’ll like the update, so go check it out! And please provide feedback if you have suggestions for further improvements.

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