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Area 51 Files: 680 Extraterrestrial Sounds

Soundly's biggest ever sci-fi release was just about to be published when the phone rang. There's something you should see, a distant voice whispered.

After our Area 51 visit, our memories were erased. Miraculously, the recordings survived, and we present them today in eight new Soundly packs that you can read about below.

We also received this strange video from an unknown source.

2485 New Sounds Added Last Month
Brand New Area 51 Sound Packs

Find all the sounds in each package by entering the pack's hashtag in the search field within Soundly.

Space Doors
Space doors are the large doors inside a spaceship. The sound they make is heavy and thick despite their weightlessness. #51doors
Extraterrestrial Intelligence
NASA's search for life in space ends with this pack. The Soundly Audio Forensic Team (SAFT) has discovered proof of extraterrestrial intelligence. Vocalizations appear in some of the captured material. #51intelligence
Force Fields
Our Area 51 memories were erased, but thanks to our recorders' memory cards, we captured an array of strange and otherworldly sounds. #51forcefields
Retro Classic
To record some classic UFOs from the old-school era, we went back in time using alien time travel technology. The pitch fluctuations were crazy in those days! #51retro
Spaceships Interior
These are recordings of the interiors of actual alien spacecraft. Massive rumbles, diffuse ambiances, and smaller choppy engines are some of the sounds found here. There are blips and blops too! #51spaceshipint
Spaceship Passbys
These recordings debunk the myth that there is no sound in space! There is something for everyone here, whether you want smooth and tonal or rough and choppy. #51spaceshipby
These abducted sounds did not fit into any other category. Sounds from UFO exteriors, abstract energy fields, and drones can be found here. #51cosmos
Weapons & Explosions
Let the war of the planets begin! Most of the alien weaponry we discovered was eerily silent, but here are some that were audible. In addition, we were allowed to record some of Area 51's cutting-edge and classified research weapons. #51weapons
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