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Soundly Multiuser Month: Try Us for Free Until 2021!

Soundly is trusted by some of the most influential media companies and educational facilities worldwide. This September, we're focusing on showing new multi-users how Soundly can transform their sound design workflows by giving them Soundly Pro entirely for free until 2021.

Contact us using the link below to activate a free, non-binding multi-user account for your company or educational institution. No payment information is necessary, and the offer is available to September 30, 2020.

Brand New Soundly Pro Packages

Find all the sounds in each package by entering the pack's hashtag in the search field within Soundly.

Ice Breaks
We took a little trip to an icy lake last winter and hoped to catch some cracks, and we did. Ultrasonic recordings in 192k of the ice melting, debris from ice flakes, and iceblock impacts! Try the pitch down tool in Soundly and listen! #ice
Vintage Computer
An exclusive pack with a lot of old classic computers. Computer startups, loadings of discs, floppies, keyboard typing, and mouse-clicking! A guaranteed nostalgia trip if you're old enough! #vintagecomputer
Triumph Motorcycle
Another exclusive from us! Recorded in 192k with numerous microphones, including ultrasonic for heavy pitch-shifting and time-stretching. POV's, approaches, and pass-bys at different speeds. #mc
Bullet Shell Drops
A wide range of different gun shells dropped on concrete with many variations and velocities. You should definitely be covered with all these variations! #shelldrops
Recordings from different areas in hospitals. Beeps, corridor walla, babies crying, rolling of transportation beds, and beeps at different distances. #hospital
This pack is packed with sounds from the popular van, the Ford Transit. Driving perspectives from inside the cargo, all the way to the front's engine, on different surfaces. Recordings of all doors, as well as other interior props and more. #fordvan
This is a big pack. Rope pulling, hoisting of sails, boat radio systems, flapping sails, boat cutting through the water, waves lapping, and ambiances - Both inside boat perspective and on deck. Did we forget something? Yes. A pair of contact mics joined the sea journey and captured some cool recordings of the mast getting dinged by the sail and wind. #sailboat
Roller Coaster
This wooden Rollercoaster was recorded at the world's oldest amusement park, Bakken, in Denmark. The recordings took place outside regular business hours and contain clean recordings of onboard (POV) and wagon pass by's at different distances and perspectives. #rollercoaster
This firework library contains only bangs without any audible cheering. Clean explosions in different sizes and distances make this pack very useful. #fireworks
Recordings of a roughly treated piano. Opened up for wire distress, housing impacts, and different string bending methods. The tonal vibe is dark and scary. Great potential for further design and layering! #pianodestruct
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