Article by: Sebastian Storvik — Mar 22 2024

Soundly's biggest update ever! - More features and new design for better workflow

This week we dropped our biggest update yet! Hopefully, it will make your ears… wet? No, hot.

Now as we all know, new isn’t always better. That’s why we’ve worked hard to make sure New Soundly is simple, efficient, and fun.

– I hate change. Having to relearn how to use software you already know can be a big hassle. That’s why we’ve made this design-update packed with features to make the transition a welcome one. It’s all about improving functionality without disrupting workflow, says Peder Jørgensen, Head Developer at Soundly, in his distinct scandi-english accent.

Key new features include Tabs, built in EQ, Audio Toolbox, Spectrogram view, Place it & much more. Everything is designed to ignite your creativity and streamline your sound design process.

Read about the new features here - or check out our Volcanic Video.

– Soundly is by and for sound designers. Every new feature is chosen because you, our users, have asked for it - or because it’s been bugging us personally. This is how we like to do product development. We’re continuously improving, so if you notice bugs, or have an awesome sounding idéa, feel free to reach out!

What’s your favorite new feature?

– We’ve invented this thing called tabs, only about 20 years after everyone else. In all honesty it’s been hard to integrate because Soundly was originally designed for just one window. Better late than never. Now we can’t get enough. We recently reached 100.000 sounds in Soundly, with our (SND 100.000 - Wingsuit-Woosh) - In just a few days I think I’ve matched that number in tabs.

More tabs, more answers… below…

– I love the spectrogram view, it’s so visually appealing. An honorable mention also goes to the new equalizer, Shape It. It’s nice to finally be able to quickly add a high-pass and/or low-pass filter on the fly. All in all I’d like to thank our entire team, users and all contributors who helped reshape New Soundly for ease of use.

Years of hard work

Even though the new release erupts in a day, the process behind it has been lingering beneath the surface of the earth like molten magma for 3 years.

– We’ve been 6 months away from release for 3 years. It’s been a running gag at the office, but we prioritize quality over speed. We’ve already gotten good feedback! I’m just really proud of everyone here, and the comments from our users have been so positive, Jørgensen says smiling.

Soundly is 10 years old, and in the last few years we’ve been adding an average of 20.000 new sounds a year.

– In addition to that we’ve been popping out features. It’s unreal to me that it has already been a year since our release of Voice Designer - and less than that for all the following releases. This has been our most busy year yet, by far. We’ve got a fantastic team to make all of this happen: sound design, developers, marketing - simply amazing.

Ever better, ever more… cats?

– Once again, Soundly is for the users. We really do our best to make sure your needs are met in the best possible way. Our success is because of great communication with the Soundly-community. Soundly is definitely the best it’s ever been, although I wish we had more cats.

What now, more cats?

– Yes. As in more Meow-sounds. Meow Meow, Purr Purr. My favorite sounds. Cats are tricky.

In what way?

– Everytime we send our sound designers to record meows, the cats go quiet. It’s like they know. We’ve even tried paying them royalties but to no success. If you’ve got a talkative one please let us know.

What happens now, you might ask? Well, this is just the beginning. We will continue to work our ears off to make sure Soundly is continuously improving. We will keep on traveling around the world to catch new sounds, and from the ashes of red hot Icelandic lava new features will arise like phoenixes(yes, plural) from the ashes. At least we’ll try our very best!

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