Soundly News | Polishing The Polished: An Updated Update!

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Polishing The Polished: An Updated Update!

Just over a month ago, we released our largest Soundly update yet. We hoped you would like it, but your response far exceeded our expectations! Thanks for all your encouragement and feedback!

You can watch our release video to catch up on all the new features if you missed it.

Since the release, the most requested feature has been persistent tabs between sessions, and we are dedicated to keep on keeping on, so today we’ve updated the update to include exactly this!

If you experienced any issues with our latest update, they should (hopefully) also be resolved in the new version.

The official Elgato Stream Deck Integration also got a major overhaul, with icons matching our new design and support for the latest Stream Deck +.

We're committed to polishing Soundly until it shines so brilliantly you'll need to wear sunglasses while Soundlying. 💎😎

New Soundly Pro Packages

Find all the sounds in each package by entering the pack's hashtag in the search field within Soundly.

Industrial Robots
Constantly afraid of not passing the CAPTCHA? We were too, which drove us to RobotNorge on a quest for answers about robot behavior and sound. Are we truly human? While we didn't find the answers, we did return with some exclusive recordings. Explore our industrial robot sounds, and maybe you can verify whether you're human or not. #industrialrobots
Cinema Projector
We love movies at Soundly, and there is no better way to experience movies than watching them in the cinema on glorious analog 70mm film. However, listening to the beautiful mechanisms of the film projector is arguably better. Luckily, you can now enjoy recordings of the Philips DP70 in Soundly any time you want! Get your popcorn and have a listen! #cinemaprojector
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