Soundly News | Scare your friends with Spookly – Our Halloween website that plays spooky sounds at random

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Scare your friends with Spookly – Our Halloween website that plays spooky sounds at random

Last year, Spookly was a big hit at Halloween parties, and for scaring colleagues, and this year it's even more spooky!

Your childhood fears of ghosts and witches are long gone. Instead, inflation now haunts your mind. Rather than fearing monsters under your bed, you worry about the rising interest rates. And there is that uncanny similarity between The Bogeyman and your upcoming mother-in-law...

Those are just some of the new terrifying grownup topics now covered by Spookly. Additionally, all-new scary content has been added to the Soundly Pro Library just in time for Halloween.

2143 Sounds Added Last Month
Featured Soundly Pro Packages

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Jump Scares
This pack includes Soundly's most disturbing and shocking stingers. If timed correctly, these jump scares will make even the most brave jump out of their seats. #halloweenjumpscare
Spooky Winds
"I think it was just the wind." Indeed, it was, and here are some spooky winds to set the mood for your spooky scenes. #halloweenwind
This pack is covered in blood and guts. Disclaimer: No living creatures were harmed while creating these sounds as they were all dead and rotten beforehand. #halloweengore
A variety of monsters in different tones and personalities are included in this pack. There's one thing they all have in common: if we met one, we'd wet our pants. #halloweenmonsters
A natural or designed thunder clap is an essential compound ingredient in every horror movie or game. From sharp slappy claps to deep rumblers, this pack has it all. #halloweenthunder
Old Creaky Doors
The old door friction pack from last year is back! When it comes to sound design, you cannot do without the sounds of creeky doors, so here is your salvation. #olddoors
Spookly Halloween Special
The Classic Halloween pack is back again this year. Here's the ultimate collection of scary risers, impacts, and some insanely catchy Halloween classic organ themes! Happy Halloween! #spookly
Eerie Drones
When you want to create an uncomfortable atmosphere, horror drones are essential. So here is a pack full of eerie drones for you! #halloweeneerie
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