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Soundly's EURO Kick Off!

Football, a.k.a soccer in some strange countries, is by far the largest sport in Europe. We're avid football fans here at Soundly (Hyvä Suomi!), so we're kicking off the Euro 2021 football championships by bringing you new packs bursting with sounds designed for this exciting event.

We wish all participating teams good luck, and we can't wait to watch all the thrilling matches.

Gooooo football!

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New Soundly Pro Packages

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This freshly rolled out football pack contains kicks, ball passbys, net rustles, goal rattles, and much more! #football
Designed Kicks & Audience
Designed large football audiences - Booing, cheering, goal celebration and other situations. Also Includes designed and imaginary ball kicks. #designedfootball
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