Soundly News | Soundly's EURO Kick Off!

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Soundly News | Soundly Is Ready For The Tokyo Games!

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Soundly Is Ready For The Tokyo Games!

As the torch is lit in the Tokyo Summer Games opening ceremony, Soundly is ready with specially produced and recorded sound packs featuring some of the largest sports - including the newly added Skateboarding!

Our sound designers have been sweating it out producing all the new packs that you can read about below. We wish all participating countries good luck, and we can't wait for all the exciting events!

2003 New Sounds Added Last Month
New Soundly Pro Packages

Find all the sounds in each package by entering the pack's hashtag in the search field within Soundly.

Sounds from a great variety of golf clubs with different ball hit strengths. We didn't forget chipping, strikes in high grass, ball machines, ambiences and more. We obviously ended up in the sandbox too. #golf
The most sounds in this basketball pack are captured in a nice sounding indoor court. Isolated ball bounces, feet movement, playing situations without voices, and of course, the classic slam dunks! #basketball
This pack contains skateboard sounds from both indoor and outdoor. Grinds on a variety of different curb materials, pool skating and up and down the vert ramp. Some contusions were absolutely made during the recording session. #skateboarding
Table Tennis
We just had to bring you sounds from one of the worlds most praticed sport - Table Tennis. #tabletennis
Beach Volleyball
Smashes, forearmpasses, fingerpasses of the ball. Also includes sounds of sand being stomped, dived, and walked on. #beachvolley
Check out this heavy pack containing competition lifts like the clean and jerk. Inside you'll find weight impacts, movements, and weight rattling! #weightlifting
Punches on different materials like the human being and boxing bags. We sure threw ourselves on the floor for some genuine body impacts! #boxing
This pack focuses mostly on indoor sounds, but you will find sounds of the essential strokes in outdoor environment too. Some ambiances are included as well. #tennis
Torch & Firecrackers
No Pyro No Party! This pack is a big one and contains a wide variety of flames, like intense gas sprays, and obviously, the iconic and classic stick torch. #torches
This sport is not included in the Games yet, but we lobby for it to make it to the next. We couldn't miss the opportunity to record this pack with the world no 3 in the sport. #wakeboard
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