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Seamless voice generation is finally here with Voice Designer, a long-term passion project and part of the new Soundly. While we're sure there are endless uses for Voice Designer, here are a few:

🎤 Create voices to simulate airport announcements, digital assistants, background dialogue, TV commentary and navigation systems.

📝 Generate temporary voice tracks to guide overall sound design and replace once production audio arrives.

🐿 Make audio snippets like radio chatter, game character lines, robot noises – even chipmunk talk!

💡 Test generated audio to see what words, phrases and styles work – great for improving narrative stories before production.

🧪 Tweak the voices like a mad scientist by adjusting speed, pitch, and environment settings!

With all the fun we had during development, we know you'll have a blast using Voice Designer, and we can't wait to hear about your creations!

Voice Wonderland
A poem by Erling - one of 656 voice characters

In Soundly's paradise, voices unite
Living in peace and digital delight
Like a garden of flowers, they coexist
Or stars aglow, forever in our midst.

Watch the video, experience firsthand
A fellowship of love in a voice wonderland.

1607 New Sounds Added Last Month
Brand New Soundly Pro Packages

Find all the sounds in each package by entering the pack's hashtag in the search field within Soundly.

Corporate Doors
In addition to the room tones, we've added a library of door recordings from the same corporate building. You'll find a nice variety of heavy office doors, from modern glass-covered and automatic doors to old wooden doors. All the sounds were recorded and exported in stereo and AmbiX for extra flexibility. #corporatedoors
Corporate Air
Hear the hauntingly beautiful sounds of an empty corporate building in our latest exclusive library. The library offers a large variety of room hums, buzzes, and rumbles, and all the sounds have been edited to loop perfectly. Whether you need characteristic room tones for your project or long for the office during your days off, this library is for you! #corporateair
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