Soundly News | A Successful Hunt for Santa

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When a user requested REAL Santa sounds, we took it as a challenge. Despite the heated debates in our office about the jolly man's existence, our Santa-believing (and Swedish) sound designer, Hans, was determined to find the truth. So, we set off on an expedition to the North Pole, armed with microphones and a merry spirit.

The search for Santa did not produce the ho-ho-hos or reindeer fly-byes that Hans expected, but it wasn't in vain. We returned with a sleigh full of exciting recordings from the Arctic, now showcased in our latest film and available in the Soundly Pro Library.

Our recording artists have ventured through forests, glaciers, caves, oceans, and mountains this year, constantly seeking new sounds to enrich your projects. We've also partnered with the extraordinary Sounding Wild Team, bringing us closer to our goal of providing a complete sound library for all your creative needs.

At Soundly, every recording adventure can always lead to something remarkable. So our hunt for Santa was a success in our book. The unexpected treasures we encounter fuel our passion and drive us to explore further. And speaking of treasures, we have a special Holiday surprise for you in collaboration with Free to Use Sounds! 🎁

🌟 From All of Soundly to All of You ❄

Merry Christmas, Feliz Navidad, Joyeux Noël, Frohe Weihnachten, Buon Natale, Feliz Natal, С Рождеством, メリークリスマス, 圣诞快乐, 메리 크리스마스, Vrolijk Kerstfeest, God Jul, Glad Påsk, Glædelig Jul, Hyvää Joulua, Wesołych Świąt, Mutlu Noeller, Καλά Χριστούγεννα, عيد ميلاد مجيد, क्रिसमस की शुभकामनाएं, חג מולד שמח.


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Our beloved classic Christmas Pack has returned yet again! Turn off the radio, which is constantly playing the same Christmas songs over and over again, and tune in to the Soundly Christmas pack instead. You'll find Santa, sleigh passes, jingles, Santa's workshop, and more! Ho, ho, ho, and Merry Christmas! #christmas
In the snow-filled Norwegian landscape, the kicksled, or spark in Norwegian, is the most popular means of transportation to get from point A to point B. Throughout the winter months, there are kicksleds as far as the eye can see, and they're beloved by parents, teenagers, pensioners, creatives, lawyers, and politicians alike. Ok, maybe we're exaggerating a little, but it's cozy and makes nice swishy, snowy sounds. #kicksled
While visiting the north of Norway, we got free access to a junkyard filled with car and truck wrecks, abandoned ships, and other junk. We went wild and got home with a fantastic collection of junkyard goodies. Impacts, destruction, rusty creaks, and shattering glass are a few keywords. #junkyard
The last pack in our winter series, for now, showcases snowmobiles. It was recorded in one of the most silent places we've encountered, so expect clean passbys! We also visited a snowscooter race event, featuring both retro and modern models, which was definitely not the most silent place we've encountered... #snowmobile
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