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Exclusive New Sounds from Soundly

Soundly has moved to brand new headquarters in Oslo, Norway, and we thought we’d celebrate by bringing you some all-new exclusive sound packs recorded in our home town!

All the new material has been expertly produced by the Soundly recording and sound designer team. Here are some of our new sound packages available in Soundly Pro:

Brand New Soundly Pro Packages

Find all the sounds in each package by entering the pack's hashtag in the search field within Soundly.

Percussion Instruments Vol. 1
Soundly proudly presents the vast Percussion Instruments Vol. 1 Library. In April, we went to Oslo Konserthus (Oslo Concert Hall) to record the most common percussion instruments with sound design in mind. We returned with an extensive collection of sounds from a wide variety of drums and instruments. You will find one-shots, rhythms, and more creative approaches of playing, and the styles range from cartoonish to horror-esque. #percussion1
Steam & Gas
This library contains hisses, releases, burning, and ignition of scorching hot gas and steam. We recorded the library in a studio with a pyrotechnician playing around with different machines usually used for special effects and live concerts. All sounds were recorded from different perspectives and can suits scenarios such as fires, aircraft, missiles, machinery, vehicles, cooking, etc. #steamandgas
Oslo City Ambience
Oslo is the capital of Norway and home of the Soundly headquarters, so it's only natural to present our very own Oslo library. In this exclusive pack, you will find a wide variety of signature sounds of the city, including the City Hall bells, crosswalk beeps, exterior and interior trams, ambiences from some of the most common landmarks, and more. #oslocityamb
Oslo Airport, Gardermoen
In addition to the Oslo City Ambiences, we have been recording at Oslo Airport, Gardermoen. The sounds were recently recorded, and the circumstances allowed for some unusually quiet airport soundscapes. The pack includes sounds such as low activity ambiances, focused elements like baggage drop bands, and a handful of recordings from the airport express train. #gardermoen
Hermes Typewriter
Another Soundly Exclusive Library, this time of a Hermes Media 3 typewriter from the 60's. Get sounds of typing at various speeds, mechanics, the classic typewriter-ding, and more - with close and distant variations. #hermestypewriter
This Soundly Exclusive badminton Library consists of various racket hits and match scenarios. From isolated dry hits to stadium-perspective matches with distant hits, shoe squeaks, and crowds. #badminton
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