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New Stuff To Keep You From Going Bonkers

We know the drill: you start with a pristine workspace and a clear mind, but soon enough, order turns into chaos. But it's not your fault! The neverending requests from producers, directors, and writers would test the limits of any sound designer — just ask Mike from our latest film!

To help you navigate the chaos and reclaim your zen, we're announcing four exciting additions to the Soundly universe:

🎛️ Soundly's official Elgato Stream Deck integration makes your sound design process smoother and more intuitive.

🎤 Explore lots of new voices for Soundly Voice Designer, including studio-quality options with natural pacing and breathing, helping you test ideas even faster.

🌍 The complete Free To Use Sound library directly in Soundly. Activate it from the Add-ons section, making finding that perfect sound even easier.

🔉 We've enriched our Pro Library with 2595 high-quality, diverse sounds just last month. Most of them are a result of your requests.

These new offerings blend into our existing suite of sound design tools and resources. If you're looking for a shortcut, our cheatsheets are there to guide you. To simulate rooms and speakers, the Place It VST plugin can help. For a moment of tranquility, our Meditate with Soundly* feature is just a breath away. And to smell even greater than you sound, we've even crafted the Soundly Perfume**.

So, next time the cycle of chaos threatens, let Soundly guide you back to your zen state — sample after sample, sound after sound, project after project.

*Our Meditate with Soundly feature is indeed a reality, accessible through the super easy-to-remember shortcuts Cmd-Shift-Alt-M (macOS) and Ctrl-Shift-Alt-M (Windows).

**In a bold move that surprised even us, we actually launched the Soundly Emotions Perfume back in April 2021, paired with a great ad.
New Voice Designer Characters

Meet the new voice characters available in Soundly Voice Designer!

Sarah E.  🇺🇸
Thomas  🇬🇧
Landon E  🇪🇸
Wanphen  🇹🇭
Lukas B.  🇩🇪
Kevin E.  🇫🇷
Featured Soundly Pro Packages

Find all the sounds in each package by entering the pack's hashtag in the search field within Soundly.

Morse Code
Tired of messaging your buddies with your phone? Try Morse codes! The sounds are recorded from an authentic morse code machine and are perfect for adding a touch of historical vibes to war scenes, or send them to friends for them to decrypt. Each sound includes a description of what the characters or messages mean. #morsecode
Room Tones Surround
Everything from small bedrooms to ice rinks and boiler rooms. Have you ever experienced the sound of an arena without annoying people? This is your chance! Pure sounds of air, hum, buzz, and noise. #roomtonessurround
Brazilian Quad Crowds
Meet Brazilian groups of various sizes in locations like shopping malls, restaurants, offices, apartments, airports, and more. The crowds are recorded in Quad ORTF, placing you right within the space.. #brazilianquad
Utilitiy & Farm Vehicles
Yeehaw! Here's a pack featuring vehicles you'll often find on the countryside; tractors, harvesters, and quad bikes. Perfect for a rural documentary or in a country fiction! #utility&farmvehicles
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