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Soundly's Summer Sound Surge!

We celebrate midsummer in Oslo by releasing ten new sound effect packs in the Soundly Pro Library! Watch the video and see the Soundly recording team in action!

Brand New Soundly Pro Packages

Find all the sounds in each package by entering the pack's hashtag in the search field within Soundly.

Percussion Instruments Vol. 2
The second batch of last newsletters Percussion Library is here. This library includes a lot of mallet percussion and timpanis, a few other percussion instruments, and some non-percussive sounds that were caught on location. Enjoy! #percussion2
Torch & Firecrackers
The second pack from our pyrotechnics recording session includes a nice set of gas torches and firecrackers. The torches include bursts and movement perfect for designing rockets and aircraft engines while the firecrackers include crackling, fuzzing, and even a small bomb. There is also a small set of a flamethrower in use. All sounds are available from different perspectives for your flexibility. #torchandfirecrackers
Designed Fire
Fire comes in many different shapes, and it sounds great! The classical element has been mangled and designed into new, unusual forms such as swooshes, impacts, creatures, and many other complex textures for this library. It's fire! #designedfire
Designed Ice
To balance out the heat from the Designed Fire library, we also provide the contrasting Designed Ice. The element of ice has been designed into new cold, sharp, hard, and frosty sounds. The sounds range from thin electrical cracking to icy pads and impacts. This pack makes you long for summer. #designedice
Here comes a Soundly Exclusive Tennis Pack for you. This pack focuses mostly on indoor sounds, but you will find the essential hits in an exterior variant as well! The exterior recordings are very dry and are perfect if you want to add your own reverb! This pack also comes with some Tennis Exterior Ambience recordings. #tennis
Road Bike POV
This pack focuses on POV (onboard) bike sounds, primarily on concrete, but also gravel. The type of bike used in the recordings is a hybrid road bike. Recordings of different speeds riding downhill and pass bys are among the sounds you'll find in this Soundly Exclusive Pack. #roadbikepov
DJ Vinyl Mixer
Here are recordings of the world's most classic DJ Turntable, Technics 1210, as well as the Classic Pioneer DJ Mixer. All buttons and faders were pressed and slammed. Includes tonearm handling and vinyl put on/offs. #dj
Winter Resort
Are you missing snow and winter? Dream yourself away with this excellent collection of sounds from a winter resort in the Alps. The pack includes sounds from various activities such as snowboarding, alpine skiing, snowmobiles, dog sleds, and some very nice wallas from the resort restaurants. #winterresort
Bow & Arrow
Bow and arrow may not be the most dangerous weapon to date, but we think it is a contender for the title of the best sounding one. This pack contains bow shots and arrow hits on various materials such as flesh, wood, and metal. You will also find the loading of the arrows and bowstring foley. #bowandarrow
Fire Truck
This pack contains a very nice set of fire truck recordings. You will find wailing sirens, pass bys, on boards, and doors and hatches recorded from different perspectives - plus some bonus recordings of a firefighter getting out of the vehicle and handling the water hose! Get ready to extinguish those fires. #firetruck
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